Restaurant Review : Fishy Fishy - Brighton

Oh glorious Paris! Bustling cafes, bistros and restaurants with satisfied (sometimes) customers pouring out onto the street, waiters shouting (only occassionaly screaming) orders over the counter to irate, frantic and very hard working chefs while the customer sits and muses with friends over a short coffee after a Croque Monsieur and a glass of Chateauneuf du Pape (if your feeling flush). Forget the food for a minute and think about the atmosphere. It's the "sitting outdoors factor" that really makes Paris (and other locations in France) so great. Now - think about the atmosphere AND the food. As you will probably see I'm trying to paint you a picture of Fishy Fishy - One of Brighton's more acclaimed Fish restaurants - Of which you are spoilt for choice. Yes, the two cities are totally different - But, the outdoor factor (especially in summer) is something you're probably craving - We certainly were. Also , it's good to be in the thick of it - I think and the outdoor space of Fishy Fishy certainly is. Enough about the atmosphere though - I'm in a nostalgic mood after just returning from the French Capital as you may have already deduced (or you're already wondering what "on earth" I'm on about) What about the food then! Well - I had some friends down and we all fancied a classic fish and chips - We had passed Harry Ramden's - famous for their glorious chips (not in Eastbourne) and crispy uniquley battered Cod (not in Eastbourne) after a visit to the Sea Life Centre (could do with a revamp) and it had whetted our appetite. I'd always fancied giving Fishy Fishy a go and the visit was definitely not dissapointing. I ordered the Fish Burger and my friends, the Fish and Chips - Both were served on wooden boards - A nice touch! The Fish Burger, served with homemade Tartare sauce and skinny fries, was laced, delicatley with capers and cornichons - It was the rare combination of Plaice and Squid (they usually offer pollock but that wasn't available at the time). It was well cooked, flavoursome and hearty, served in a toasted Ciabatta bun. The Fries were crisp although it would have been nice if we had salt and pepper to put on them - The waiter didn't bring it over as he forgot - It was a particularly busy time. My friend claimed the Fish and Chips were "the best he'd ever eaten" and after a taste I can say that they were delicious - Soft flakey Cod encased in a crisp light batter. It's the battered Fish you always hope for when you get Fish and Chips. The mushy Peas were a bit more liquid than the classic version, but the taste was far superior than the canned stuff you pick up from the corner shop. The menu was very wide ranging, serving treats such as "Oven baked Tranche of local Turbot with braised Peas, Bacon & baby Onions" and "Grilled Local Lobster" with a garlic and herb butter and other diners definitely appeared to be enjoying it too. There's even a Steak and Chicken dish on the menu for people not in the mood for Fish. The decor inside the restaurant was simple and effective with clean colours and a few select pictures on the wall. The conservatory area at the front definitely looks like the place to dine. In terms of cleanliness, the toilets were immaculate and the Molten and Brown soap and moisturiser was a nice treat. Service was good on one level - they were busy and a little slow but this won't put me off in any way as when we were served the waiters were polite, considerate and well informed. Although my experience here of the rest of the food was limited I will be visiting again too see if Dermot O'Leary's Brighton venture - Sorry I maybe should have mentioned this little nugget of information before - is at the same standard as the dishes we tried. The bill for 3 came to roughly £35 including 2 Fish and Chips, 1 Fish Burger, 1 Peroni and a Diet coke.

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Mat said...

it was super wasn't it, the fish was 10 out of 10. service was slow i guess but we should really put that down to our bad luck for the few days

nic said...

We did have back luck with service at a lot of places when you guys visited! Especially on the last night! Crikey!