I've been cooking

Well, just a quick update here with some of the meals I've been cooking over the past few months. Over the coming weeks I'll try and bring you as many recipes for these meals as I can but for now here are some photos of my latest efforts.

Trio of Fish Salad

Beef Wellington

Potato Dauphinoise

Fillet and Leg of Duck with Duck Fat Sauteed Potatoes, Celeriac Puree, Sweet Potato Crisps and a Port and Mushroom Jus

Chicken Tikka Masala

Spicy Lamb Curry

3 comments: said...

Oh yummy! Everything looks beyond deliciousssssssssssssss

much sweetness,
hope to hear from you xx

nic said...

Ar, thankyou very much! I'll be posting lots more recipes soon so keep your eyes peeled :)

Your blog is great by the way!
Nic xx

nic said...

P.s. Sorry for the late reply! It's been quite a busy few months! x